Скачать Accounting Information Systems авторства Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems

Название: Accounting Information Systems



Год выпуска:2007

ISBN: 0324378823


Страниц: 658

As the importance of accounting information systems (AIS) grows in the world of business today, so does your need for a solid background in this critical area. ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 7E helps you develop the necessary skills and solid foundation in enterprise risk management as it relates to business processes and their information systems. The book’s proven coverage centers around three of the areas most critical in accounting information systems today–enterprise systems, e-Business systems, and controls for maintaining those systems–with icons that direct your attention to the most important information. The book uses a conversational writing style and relaxed tone, rather than stilted, technical language, to help you easily grasp even the most challenging topics. You explore today’s most intriguing AIS topics and how they relate to information technology, business processes, strategic management, security, and internal controls. With this edition, you master the…

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