Скачать Advertising Ethics (Basic Ethics in Action) авторства Advertising Ethics (Basic Ethics in Action)

Advertising Ethics (Basic Ethics in Action)

Название: Advertising Ethics (Basic Ethics in Action)



Год выпуска:2004

ISBN: 0130941212



Book Description. This book focuses on an applied philosophical analysis of the nature of advertising in general and of specific ethical issues that arise in advertising. Its main objective is to provide professionals with a structured ethical reasoning and ethical decision-making model that will enable them to clearly ascertain the relation between advertising and ethics. Chapter topics include ethical reasoning and ethical principles, codes of ethics and codes of practice, the nature of advertising, advertising and the media, advertising and the community, truth in advertising, stereotyping and targeting, endorsements and testimonials, the ethics of time and space, ethical advertising, and more. For professionals in the advertising industry who wouldlike a manual for informing professional practice on ethical theory and ethical issues in advertising.

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