Скачать College Accounting 1-25 авторства College Accounting 1-25

College Accounting 1-25

Название: College Accounting 1-25



Год выпуска:2004

ISBN: 013107234X



Book Description Backed by Jeffrey Slater’s 31+ years of teaching experience, College Accounting returns once again in this updated and improved Ninth Edition. This revision retains the renowned Slater approach?presenting material in small, manageable units followed by immediate feedback, and includes great features and a new DVD featuring videos and unit reviews. The volume comprehensively addresses accounting concepts and procedures, debits and credits, the accounting cycle bankingprocedures and control of cash, payroll concepts and procedures, the employer’s tax responsibilities, special journals, preparing a worksheet for a merchandise company, accounting for bad debits, notes receivable and notes payable, accounting for merchandise inventory, accounting for property, plant equipment, and intangible assets, partnerships, corporations and bonds payable, statement of cash flows, analyzing financial statements, the voucher system, departmental accounting and…

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