Скачать Entrepreneurial Financial Management авторства Entrepreneurial Financial Management

Entrepreneurial Financial Management

Название: Entrepreneurial Financial Management



Год выпуска:2003

ISBN: 0130094110



Book DescriptionThe first book on the market to approach this topic from a comprehensive perspective, Entrepreneurial Financial Management offers an applied, realistic view of finance for today’s entrepreneurs. This book emphasizes that entrepreneurial finance is not just about raising money and creating financial statements: it explains that management is the key to success for any new business venture. It provides an integrated set of concepts and applications that draw from entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting, and will prepare users for the world they will face as they start their new businesses. Proper attention is paid to venture capital and public offerings, but these are put in their proper perspective, as less than 1 percent of new ventures should even consider these financing vehicles. Based on practical experience and informed by theory, this book will prove useful for accountants, finance professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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