Скачать Equilibrium, Markets and Dynamics авторства Equilibrium, Markets and Dynamics

Equilibrium, Markets and Dynamics

Название: Equilibrium, Markets and Dynamics



Год выпуска:

ISBN: 3540434704



This book offers insight in the current developments in mathematical economics. The book is intended for a broad audience and technicalities are kept to a minimum. The issues addressed include general equilibrium, price competition, auctions, environmental policy, networks, dynamic (in)stability and bounded rationality. Moreover, the book contains a survey and appraisal of the work of Claus Weddepohl, to whom the volume is dedicated. In his academic career, Claus Weddepohl made important contributions tothe development of mathematical economics. He did so in his own writings on general equilibrium theory, the theory of markets and on economic dynamics. He was also a stimulating teacher and inspired scientific research of many of his colleagues.

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