Скачать Financial Accounting Get It Straight авторства Financial Accounting Get It Straight

Financial Accounting Get It Straight

Название: Financial Accounting Get It Straight



Год выпуска:2005

ISBN: 0977017303



Book DescriptionThere is “Accounting for the Dummy?s, Accounting for the Idiots” now finally: “Financial Accounting Get it Straight” This book doesn?t resemble anything like it on the market today! The author realizes that for a basic accounting book to have a place, it must take into account the wide fragmented target audience out there, from those having absolutely zero knowledge of accounting, to small business operators who thought they knew accounting until they met with their professional accountants after the first couple of months in business. The problem is, they didn?t speak the accountants? language and didn?t have all the parts of the jog saw puzzle. There are those that graduated from college, disliked accounting so much they can only remember there was an allocated time for breaks! Now many of these people have invested in rental income properties, their own small businesses and own stocks in public held companies and they need basic…

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