Скачать Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 2 авторства Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 2

Frank Wood's Business Accounting 2

Название: Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 2



Год выпуска:2002

ISBN: 0-273-65557-4

Издатель: Pearson Education Limited, Financial Times Prentice Hall

Страниц: 776

Business Accounting is the world’s best-selling textbook on bookkeeping and accounting. It gives clear explanations, in straightforward language, with a wealth of worked examples and a large number of questions and answers. These features have made it for many years the number one choice for both students and lecturers. Literally millions of students have studied and passed accounting examinations using Business Accounting. In the ninth edition of Volume 2, chapters have been updated to reflect changes in the accounting environment and three new chapters added on the Balanced Scorecard, the Supply Chain and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and e-Commerce and Accounting. The chapter on Discounting Techniques has been expanded into two chapters on Interest, Annuities and Leasing, and on Capital Expenditure Appraisal to allow the techniques of capital investment appraisal to be studied independently. The opportunity has been taken to transfer chapters on…

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