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Free MoneyA® When You're Unemployed

Название: Free MoneyA® When You’re Unemployed



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ISBN: 0471130117



A brand-new edition of the bestselling guide to more than 1,000 sources of financial assistance for unemployed and underemployed Americans Could you use $15,000, $25,000, or more in free money? Let financial guru Laurie Blum show you how to connectwith little-known resources tailored to meet the practical needs of people like you. And best of all, it’s money you’ll never have to pay back! If you’re one of nearly ten million out-of-work Americans, or the approximately six million whose pensions or part-time incomes don’t begin to cover even their basic expenses, this new edition of Laurie Blum’s definitive sourcebook is for you. It lists hundreds of private and public programs and foundations set up to assist you with money for rent, groceries, utilities, mortgage payments, medical expenses, even car payments and tuition.

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