Скачать Get A Job…Fast авторства Get A Job…Fast

Get A Job...Fast

Название: Get A Job…Fast



Год выпуска:2010

ISBN: 144907717X


Страниц: 52

This book will help you identify what assistance is available to make sure you are financially able to keep looking for work and hopefully keep the bills paid. It will also help you identify the skills you have, both mentally and practically, and let you decide if training and up-skilling is an option that suits you. Most of the information included in this book is available in the public domain but Get a Job …Fast! is a single point of reference bringing it all together for you. Get a Job …Fast! will give you the skills you need to find out where to look, what kind of job to go for, how to prepare the applications, prepare for the interviews and what to say when you get there. Finally, it will help ensure that when you have the opportunity you….GET A JOB …FAST!

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