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Governance and Risk

Название: Governance and Risk



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ISBN: 0071429549



An analytical handbook for investors, managers, directors and stakeholders “Comprehensive in scope and cross-disciplinary in analysis, Governance and Risk examines the problem of corporate governance from a wide variety of perspectives. The authors begin with the premise – correctly in my view – that corporate governance is, at is core, an important risk factor for any corporation. Through this conceptual prism, they employ economic, legal and social analyses – and draw on examples from 12 jurisdictions – to provide fresh insight into how we should best understand and govern the inherently conflicting interests that comprise the modern corporation. Anyone seeking a rigorous analysis of these issues – from directors, managers and lawyers to shareholders, corporate and community activists – should include this volume in their reading. It is an important addition to the corporate governance literature in this post-Enron age.” ?Ira…

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