Скачать How to Get an MBA авторства How to Get an MBA

How to Get an MBA

Название: How to Get an MBA



Год выпуска:2000

ISBN: 0-41522-817-4

Издатель: Falmer Press

Страниц: 194

As the first step on the road to a managerial career and life-long learning, the MBA is one of the most important things a student will ever do. The student must take care to acquire not only the hard technical skills that the MBA directly through coursework, but also the soft skills, especially the ability to communicate and to establish and maintain networks, which are developed indirectly through the entire MBA experience. The author shows how to get the most out of an MBA program, the instructors and fellow students. Topics covered include how to: read and prepare a case; work in teams; design a project; carry out a project; present written material; communicate effectively in classrooms; interact with instructors and fellow students; use libraries and other resources; develop and manage personal networks; look for a job at the end…

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