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Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

Название: Investing in Small-Cap Stocks



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ISBN: 1576600726



The definitive book on this critical sector, updated for today’s markets. The most thorough, most practical book on small-cap stocks has now been revised and expanded. Stocks with a market capitalization of less than $1 billion are some of the best long-term investments on Wall Street. A dollar invested in small caps in 1926 would be worth $2,843 today, versus $811 if invested in large caps. Top Bloomberg editors Christopher Graja and Elizabeth Ungar explain why adding a small percentage of small-cap stocks to a portfolio helps investors boost returns without increasing their risk. Many investors have heard the raves about how lucrative small-cap stocks can be. Graja and Ungar show the individual investor how to spot the top performers, explain how thesestocks behave, and demonstrate how to incorporate them into a portfolio. This new edition also features and exclusive interview with top stockpicker Peter Lynch, plus valuable tips from other experts on how to identify which small-cap…

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