Скачать Managerial Accounting авторства Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

Название: Managerial Accounting



Год выпуска:2009

ISBN: 0470333340, 978-0-470-33334-1

Издатель: Wiley

Страниц: 600

This resource presents the key accounting concepts that managers must know in order to make informed decisions. The fourth edition includes expanded Incremental Measurement and You Get What You Measure sections in each chapter. These hallmark features help them focus on real issues. New demo problems have been added as well to show how the concepts are applied. The end-of-chapter problems and Links to Practice sections have been revised and updated to connect the techniques to the business world. Case studies also enable managers to gain critical and applied thinking skills that are especially important in today’s competitive environment.

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