Скачать New Markets, New Strategies авторства New Markets, New Strategies

New Markets, New Strategies

Название: New Markets, New Strategies



Год выпуска:2004

ISBN: 0071440607



Book Description One of Wall Street’s brightest new stars discusses how to navigate today’s markets, for both the short and long term Investors today are looking for a solid, trusted voice to help them make sense of turbulent markets. Jason Trennert has become that voice. Trennert is a regular guest on prominent investment programs like CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” and his boutique research firm is popular among investment professionals and high-profile Wall Street firms. In New Markets, New Strategies, Trennert outlines an insightful, practical, and forward-thinking approach to investing. Providing investors with techniques based more on long-term performance than short-term hysteria, he explores topics including: Major themes that will move markets in the coming decade The hidden but all-too-real dangers of passive management and index funds Where and how to find stocks and bonds with the best risk/reward tradeoff

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