Скачать Overseas Research II: A Practical Guide авторства Overseas Research II: A Practical Guide

Overseas Research II: A Practical Guide

Название: Overseas Research II: A Practical Guide



Год выпуска:2010

ISBN: 0415778336


Страниц: 184

Researchers in developing countries often find that the particular country in which they work presents a range of unforeseen challenges. Indeed, their ability to carry out effective scholarship is often highly dependent on these factors. The great differences between working in countries as varied as India, China, Bolivia and Kenya can often come as a shock to the system. An ability to negotiate a bewildering array of cultural and logistical obstacles is therefore essential. Overseas Research: A Practical Guide distils essential lessons learned by scores of students and scholars who have collected data and done fieldwork abroad. The authors fill the reader in on the many crucial pieces of advice: how to prepare for the field, how and where to find funding for onea??s fieldwork, issues of personal safety and security, and myriad logistical and relational issues that often define onea??s research experience abroad. As Barrett and Cason suggest, “Fieldwork is a sequence of decisions,…

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