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Principles of Project Finance

Название: Principles of Project Finance



Год выпуска:

ISBN: 0-12-770851-0

Издатель: Academic Press

Страниц: 360

This introduction for practitioners offers a balanced view of project financing, integrating legal, contractual, scheduling, and other areas that participate in large multiparty projects, large single-asset purchases, and broad-based financing programs for fleets of assets. It mixes theories and case studies but avoids becoming too oriented toward applications in any one particular industry. It focuses on the concepts and techniques required by project finance people without being overly academic or beset by case studies. The author, who has a legal background, recognizes that some legal information is necessary, but he doesn’t attempt to write a law book. Project Finance refers to the techniques of financing projects which are dependent oncash flows for repayment, as defined by the contractual relationships within each project. By their very nature, these types of projects rely on a large number of integrated contractual arrangements for successful completion and…

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