Скачать Real Options in Practice авторства Real Options in Practice

Real Options in Practice

Название: Real Options in Practice



Год выпуска:2002

ISBN: 0-47126-308-7

Издатель: Wiley Publishing, Inc

Страниц: 320

How much should a pharmaceutical company invest in R&D for a new drug? At what point do the costs outweigh the benefits of a new technology? When should you abandon that oil-drilling project? Real options is an exciting but very challenging subject for many strategy and corporate finance practitioners. Real Options in Practice is an excellent book to get a structured and accurate overview of real options, their use and computation. Marion Brach has succeeded in striking a difficult balance between theoretical firmness and practical actionability: her book is easy to read without sacrificing the richness of a subject that is more and more important for investment decision-making. Remy Schosmann, Partner, Corporate Finance, and global head of strategic options management at Ernst & Young Marion Brach makes applied option theory accessible to the practitioner without neglecting technical rigor. Any manager seeking a solid…

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