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Take the Rich Off Welfare

Название: Take the Rich Off Welfare



Год выпуска:

ISBN: 0896087069



When the first version of this book came out in 1996, on the heels of “Welfare Reform,” it was received with great popular acclaim. As Jim Hightower put it, “At last, the real welfare scandal [is] revealed in one handy little -volume.” But the scandal was still in the making. The total amount of taxpayers’ money going to subsidize corporations and rich individuals has grown from about $448 billion to over $800 billion-and the amount of that tax money that comes from those flush companies and individuals continues to shrink. In this greatly expanded and updated version of Take the Rich off Welfare , Mark Zepezauer still details who’s on the government dole and how much they’re getting. This time around, though, he has slowed down his rapid firing of the latest names and numbers in order to reveal how it all works. Using accessible language and revealing graphics, he takes the time to explain how programs once intended to profit the public have been warped to…

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