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Technology Best Practices (Wiley Best Practices)

Название: Technology Best Practices (Wiley Best Practices)



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ISBN: 0471203769



Battle-tested techniques for successfully integrating technology and business You need to overhaul your company?s technology infrastructure, but you lack the technical know-how or vocabulary. You need to communicate with your IT personnel, buteverything they say sounds like Greek (or “geek.”) You need to do everything efficiently, effectively, and successfully. Dr. Bob Spencer and Randy Johnston offer sound, time-proven advice. Designed for managers who nevertheless must be technologically aware, Technology Best Practices provides an easy-to-follow road map to selecting, implementing, and managing technical systems. Spencer and Johnston explain that sound management principles are as relevant in the technology arena as they are anywhere else. This reader-friendly study covers a host of hot topics, including: Software and hardware selection Security Remote access Managing IT staff Emerging…

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