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The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook

Название: The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook



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ISBN: 0071359958



The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook explains every aspect of the types, instruments, trading practices, and opportunities of modern equity arbitrage. It travels beyond U.S. borders to examine the worldwide opportunities inherent in arbitrage activities and demonstrates how to understand and practice equity arbitrage in the global professional environment. Written specifically for traders, risk managers, brokers, regulators, and anyone looking for a comprehensive overview of the field of equity arbitrage, this groundbreaking reference provides: ? Details of the financial instruments used in equity arbitrage—stocks, futures, money markets, and indices ? Explanations of financial valuation and risk analysis, tailored to the characteristicsof the underlying position and market environment ? Examples of actual arbitrage situations—presenting a real-life snapshot of equity arbitrage in action The Complete Arbitrage Deskbook is the only book to combine…

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