Скачать The Dark Side of Valuation авторства The Dark Side of Valuation

The Dark Side of Valuation

Название: The Dark Side of Valuation



Год выпуска:2001

ISBN: 0-13040-652-X

Издатель: Financial Times Prentice Hall

Страниц: 480

The comprehensive guide to valuing technology companies. Projections for future revenues, earnings, cash flows, the impact of stock options, and more. 5 detailed case studies cover the entire tech lifecycle: Amazon.com, Ariba, Cisco, Motorola, and a new IPO. Presented by one of the worlds leading experts in valuation. State-of-the-art tools for assessing the value of any technology company Technology companies have exploded in importance, yet investors and analysts face unprecedented challenges in valuing them. In “The Dark Side of Valuation”, one of the worlds leading valuation experts reviews every approach, demonstrating exactly how to adapt traditional techniques to minimize risks and maximize returns. Aswath Damodaran begins with an overview of the markets dramatic shift towards technology stocks – specifically new technology stocks. He then identifies key valuation principles and techniques,…

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