Скачать The Economics of Seasonal Cycles авторства The Economics of Seasonal Cycles

The Economics of Seasonal Cycles

Название: The Economics of Seasonal Cycles

Автор: Jeffrey A. Miron


Год выпуска:

ISBN: 0262133237



Historically, economists sought to understand the economic significance of macro fluctuations associated with seasons. During the 1920s and 1930s, the focus shifted to business cycles, and seasonal fluctuations were treated as noise that could be removedfrom data before analysis. Jeffrey Miron seeks to reverse this trend, arguing that seasonal fluctuations have much to teach macroeconomists. He analyzes the economic forces that produce seasonality and discusses the lessons about economic behavior that result from this analysis. Compared to existing work on seasonality, Miron’s book focuses on economic rather than purely statistical issues, looking at which of the alternative statistical models of seasonality are plausible for economic variables, and asking why seasonal fluctuations in economic variables require special treatment relative to other kinds of fluctuations. Miron first addresses the question of why macroeconomists should be interested in seasonal as opposed to…

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